The Fit Flyer

For the adventurer who loves to fly, who has lost all situational awareness of their health and fitness. That feel as though their lives are spinning out of control and are in need of a fitness and nutritional program to get them back on track. The Fit Flyer promises to be your wingman and help you take back control of your life from the inside out. By offering my one-on-one support, plus a community of other fellow flyers just like you to help keep you motivated, accountable and all from the comfort of your own home. Backed by my own fitness journey using proven results-based fitness and nutritional programs and 20 years of my own personal experience with flying and skydiving. To address the need for a community who is passionate about flying and fitness. Since we understand how difficult in can be for an airline pilot, instructor, or the hobby flyer juggling their family and their career where fitness is no longer the priority and loses the drive and motivation to stay “Fit for Flight”!

  • Fitness

    I am your fitness wingman. You and I will work together to select a program that meets your needs and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

  • Nutrition

    Your program will come with a nutrition guide that teaches what and how much to eat, along with sample meal plans, grocery lists, delicious recipes, and more!

  • Accountability

    Together we will work toward your fitness and nutrition goals. You will have one-on-one support and an online support group of fellow flyers just like you!

  • Success

    When FITNESS, NUTRITION, ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT, and a LIKE MINDED COMMUNITY come together, they create the unstoppable flight plan to pilot your life that guarantees SUCCESS! Be Fit for Flight!

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